Big Blue Madness for the University of Kentucky

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Saigon Sisters restaurant and Executive Chef Matt Eversman. 

So long summer.

So long summer.

Former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder in Little Rock, Ark. for The New York Times.

I’m Shmacked for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

JONESBORO, Ark. - Monday October 6, 2014 - Former President Bill Clinton addresses attendees during a rally for Arkansas democrats outside of Reng Student Union Plaza on Arkansas State University’s campus.


Party-Promotion Company Leaves Colleges ‘Shmacked’ 

Music blares while shots of colleges whirl by—the football stadium on game day, students chugging from a bottle of vodka, girls dancing on top of a car. The campuses are different, but the themes in the videos are the same.

The short films, which celebrate campus party scenes, are a “new way to scout colleges,” says the tag line of I’m Shmacked, the party-promotion company that produces them. The company’s founders say their videos don’t promote underage drinking. But their seasonal campus tours—the company sets up parties, sells tickets, and films the events, sometimes leading to flurries of underage-drinking arrests and other headaches for college officials—leave administrators grappling with what to do when the I’m Shmacked circus rolls into town.

(Photos by William DeShazer for The Chronicle)

Officially an ASMP member

Officially an ASMP member

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